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Updated: Dec 27, 2018

What I observed: "A youth called E gave his life. Estranged from his mum who was a Christian ( living with his grandparents) ... He surrendered and God used us to be part of an answer to his mom's prayer. A woman who had a genuine faith but attending a Catholic church received counsel and prayer. Another woman received encouragement and prayers for herself and her niece who had mental health issues. A guy called M . He had a disability, lost his parents , grieving asked Can God heal him ? Deborah shared her story how God can heal s broken heart. He asked Jesus into his life and received prayer. A young guy called A also received prayer after asking one of the workers he wanted Jesus into his life. A young guy from India called S received prayer and invited Jesus into his life. Another guy with a Christian mum and Hindu Dad invited Jesus into his life. A Catholic passed by heard Deborah share her story of being in a religious system and orthodoxy and how one must be born again. A Muslim guy called K who has Bible's at home and his son came with sincere questions . Hassle was given by a busker who repeatedly tried to come and argue with us about us having permission and threatening to sue us. It was a blessing to see many believers come out and w

Dee, a wprker shares about Sutton: "In prayer yesterday, the Lord said surrender Sutton so we did. All that the Holy Spirit did today was awesome.🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 People, weather, songs and word. 🔥.

A few teen girls took bibles. A 14yr old begged for a bible saying she lost hers and misses it. She was so excited and thankful. Another young woman asked for a hug so I have her a big fat hug. A lady was blessed by my dancing so I hugged her😁. While packing to leave another lady came to bless our brother for his beautiful singing and we prayed for her.

Dee, a worker shares about Sutton: "In prayer yesterday, the Lord said surrender Sutton so we did. All that the Holy Spirit did today was awesome.🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 People, weather, songs and word. 🔥.

Testimony from Divine one of CTTS workers about today's Sutton outreach ' I shared the gospel with a guy called Elijah, he accepted Christ, prayed the prayer of salvation and accepting Jesus as his Lord and received a Bible. I spoke with Alex, he listened to the gospel, I explained to him what Jesus did for us on the cross and the importance accepting and confessing Jesus as Lord with faith. He confessed Jesus as Lord, his girl friend later came and I shared the gospel with her as well and she confessed Jesus as Lord I also spoke to a guy called Steve, he's from a Christian home and his mum fellowships in Elim. He stopped going to church and his relationship with God has not been great. I shared with him how to build a strong personal relationship with God and encouraged him to fellowship with other believers. He also expressed disgust for the Muslim 'takeover' in the UK. I prayed with him. I had a lengthy talk with a lady called Lauren. She said believing in God is not for her as she has had challenges and has not had help from God. I explained to her that God works through our challenges and some times God uses our challenges to make us a better person and to prepare us for the future he's got for us. I also explained to her that Jesus wants her to spend eternity in heaven which is most important. At the end she received a Bible and accepted prayers. Let's keep praying for Lauren so God will reveal himself to her. I spoke to a number of people who were already believers. I encouraged them to constantly feed on the word and have times of daily fellowship with God in order to be strong in faith Amen.

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