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It was a great trip to Barking . Praise and Worship on the way down prepared us for the conditions in Barking . It was wet and windy. We sang and preached and handed out tracts . Two 17 year ol girls made professions of faith on the streets .( One was a Muslim ) An American Christian was overwhelmed seeing us out in the streets . A demon possessed man tried to intimidate , spit and cuss at us . People stood to listen . People praised God with us. Youths took part and one danced with Josef . In KFC a woman from Mauritius heard about Jesus and said she wanted Him . Her daughter later was prayed with as well. A homeless man who said he was a Muslim prayed with us and thank you Ronnie we were able to share some of the awesome food with Him.( And it was a great help to hungry bellies in the minibus !) All week I've been suffering from back problems and had time off work ...but driving to London and getting back at 4am last night .. I can testify to God's grace and help Wow and wow the meeting to celebrate Josef Katash ministry was awesome . All the traveling was sooo worth it . The presence of God and the liberty in the Holy Spirit was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 .Things were birthed last night . Deep intercession took place. People were touched . Last of all it was a pleasure to be part of the body of Christ working and fellowshipping with those who came in the team . It was a blessing .

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