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Wolverhampton Outreach

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

On Saturday 29th December we went on outreach to Wolverhampton City Centre to support Pastor Patrick and his church

Workers Testimonies:

Good Morn Team, met a number of believers facing challenges: one believer away from God, a man called S, previously involved in Street M, called Steve to speak to him, Steve discerned unforgiveness and encouraged him to commit it to God...we prayed for him...he stayed around enjoying the praise worship...met a JW who presented angry at our presence on the street & defensive, was able to extend the love of Christ...she mellowed...met a believer who started on the street at the age of 17, she was encouraged by our presence & encouraged us to stay out, another C of E believer who was joyful at our presence on the streets, ran out of tracts twice, pray that individuals will be convicted as they read, ran after one young lady, who seemed to be avoiding, she stated that she said she was glad we were on the streets, an Italian lady & her two children stopped to engage with worship, her 8 year old son was interpreting, a number of us were able to extend the love of Christ to her & was an awesome outreach!!!God has done great things.

I stoke to a young man called J, he was very angry to start with, in fact he approached me with questions, as he felt that God rejected him when he was homeless. I shared the gospel and I was amazed how he went quickly from anger to been extremely receptive. He said I had given him a lot to think about but he had to leave. I know the Lord will send another labourer to finish what He has started. I spoke to a young woman called C, she had two children. She was very receptive of the Gospel and in the end ready and willing to receive Christ; I then called Dee, to join us celebrate the moment and also lead her to Christ. One thing I personally learnt was that, it is extremely wrong to think that people have already heard about Christ. Any time I explained the Love of God and Christ to people it was as if, they were hearing it for the first time. It seem to me that they've heard a lot about God's judgement but not enough about His love.

One worker shares ..."A lady in a mobility car and her granddaughter gave their lives to Jesus. They were prayed for. I spoke to a Muslim man named Abu, and explained salvation the Bible way, he agreed to seek further by asking God which way to follow Jesus or Mohammad. I spoke to a lady who said she is a spiritualist, I explained that everything she is trying to accomplish being a Spiritualist can be found in Jesus. I showed her the Scripture in Ephesians 1:3 and she immediately accepted Jesus Christ was worth receiving. She said she will certainly research about him. I prayed with a lady who said she lost her mother last week."

Deborah shares "One lady called S invited Jesus into her life. She was standing and listening to the worship and preaching. One guy had just come out of prison and knew something about the Lord and had been spoken to by Jehovah's witnesses. Deborah explained that every person needs to be freed from there internal prison of sin and how the JWs teach wrongly about Jesus and the cross .

A church attender was challenged to make sure commitment to Christ . She seemed interested.

A Catholic woman heard about being born again and encouraged to read the new testament.

Young woman, who hadn't given her life yet but had started going to church listened and heard how to be born again .

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